TaylorMarie's Apparel
A Great Mobile Home-Base Business!

If you like fashion and working with senior women, you'll love TaylorMarie's! Owning a TaylorMarie's franchise is the perfect fit for individuals that appreciate the FREEDOM and LOW OVERHEAD that working from home and controlling your own schedule provides.

Our innovative pop-up retail franchise is built around the clever notion of bringing top quality, fashionable women's clothing and accessories, from respected brands, to women in SENIOR CENTERS, ASSISTED LIVING CENTERS, CHURCHES, COUNTRY CLUBS and COMMUNITY FUNDRAISERS. Our events are EASY TO BOOK. Activity Directors and Facility Managers love to offer residents our special events at NO COST to their facility.

In operation since 2003 and franchising since 2008, TaylorMarie's is an EASY-TO-OPERATE mobile pop-up retail model tailored to fit a busy personal schedule. Our typical franchisee has NO RETAIL experience, controls their own calendar and:

  • Only devotes six (6) hours per day to their business
  • Rarely works weekends
  • Spends holidays with their family
  • Takes time off during the summer
  • Focus on a simple, proven business strategy

A Unique Shopping Experience

A visit from TaylorMarie’s creates an experience that goes well beyond the clothing. It’s a fun, festive event that everyone looks forward to! Our clothing, jewelry and accessories are set up and displayed just like an actual retail store. This creates the fun and excitement of a real boutique shopping experience for our clients.

We always create quite a buzz with our fashion shows modeled by a few of the residents! All in all, it’s a greatly anticipated event eagerly awaited by our customers. It’s easy to see why Activity Directors and Facility Managers love saying "yes" to a TaylorMarie’s event!

Superior Retail Business Model!

TaylorMarie’s is a LOW COST, HOME-BASED pop-up retail business, and requires only a little as ONE part-time employee. We offer a proven business system, ESTABLISHED NAME, HIGH MARGINS, LOW WAGE COST, the BUYING POWER of a large retail chain and... NONE of the costly commercial real estate overhead!

CONTACT US TODAY to discuss how you might secure an exclusive TaylorMarie’s territory in a financial and social rewarding business!

Your Fashion. Your Style. Your Place.

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