Why Our Industry?
Catering to a Powerful Niche Market!

The TaylorMarie's franchise business model has been uniquely designed to cater specifically to a very powerful niche market. The senior market currently controls well over 50% of the discretionary income in the United States.

In the next 25 years, this market segment is set to grow by an estimated 81%. It’s a burgeoning demographic that possesses significant purchasing power.

A TaylorMarie’s pop-up retail franchise focuses entirely on leveraging this specific and highly profitable senior niche market. Catering to seniors not only makes sense, it makes dollars!

Seniors have historically been under-represented when it comes to fashion. Anyone with the proper entrepreneurial spirit and the correct guidance can create a thriving and successful business for years to come.

A TaylorMarie’s pop-up retail franchise may just be your ticket to a better, more flexible lifestyle with real financial freedom. INQUIRE TODAY and we will examine the possibilities and potential together!

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