Why TaylorMarie's?
Affordable. Flexible. Experienced!

TaylorMarie’s is a clear category leader. Our business is EASY TO OPERATE, LOW-TECH, and completely unique within the mobile retail segment. You control your event schedule, therefore your operating hours are built around your personal schedule. Our franchise owners have a great lifestyle because they control their hours and potential of their business.

Because if the inherent efficiency of our business, a typical TaylorMarie’s franchise owner devotes an average of approximately 30 HOURS PER WEEK to book events, stage their mobile presentations and operating the actual events. Our franchise owners create their own event calendar, TAKE TIME OFF, enjoy SUMMER VACATIONS and have time to CELEBRATE HOLIDAYS. Also, unlike other retail businesses, our owners can take WEEKENDS OFF!

This exciting business opportunity only requires a FEW part-time employees. Should you wish to involve your spouse, you won’t have the need for any additional employees at all!

Your TaylorMarie’s franchise requires a relatively small investment, operates on a LOW OVERHEAD and can be run out of a SMALL HOME OFFICE. As a franchise owner, TaylorMarie’s offers you the following tried and true features:

  • Solid business system
  • An established name
  • Buying power of a large retail chain
  • No costly commercial real estate address
  • Events are free to the facility, easy to book and reoccurring
  • Historically high daily revenues
  • High margins

TaylorMarie’s Apparel business has been in operation for more than a decade. That experience has allowed us to formulate many “tricks of the trade” which we are eager to share with our franchise owners. You will benefit by following our detailed business system, backed with our ongoing expert advice & guidance.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about how you might secure an exclusive TaylorMarie’s territory in a financial and social rewarding business!

Your Fashion. Your Style. Your Place.

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